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Nurse Manager Interview
This semester, I had the chance of interviewing Susan Holley-Washer, nurse manger of 4 Northwest. This floor is a telemetry and step down unit at the Loma Linda Veteran Affairs Medical Center. During this time, I had the opportunity to ask many questions covering several topics. The topics discussed her perspective on interviewing potential employees, counseling employees, employee evaluations, orientation of new personnel, budgetary processes, manager roles in governance, determining staffing need, attendance of management meetings, and current unit projects. In the end, I was able to obtain valuable information about the functions of a nurse manager and information about my opportunities as a potential employee on this unit.
My question discussed the interviewing process of potential employees. Holley-Washer answered by saying that it was a grid/panel-based interview process. She stated that this format helps her and others on the panel eliminate applicants that do not meet the requirements of the unit. However, she added that they do make exceptions to this process. The can intentionally pull applicants out of the grid system to interview personally in order to progress them through the interview process. There is also a point-based system when hiring: 5 points for being a veteran and 10 points if still enrolled in the service. The level of degree the applicant possesses also awards points and continuing education is important. Lastly, 6 extra
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