What Is Biochemistry

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What is Biochemistry and why you should study it? Biochemistry or sometimes we called it as biological chemistry is defined as a scientific study of the chemistry of living organisms, especially the structure, the behavior of a living thing and the function of their chemical component such as proteins ,carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids. Many of these molecules are complex molecules called polymers, which are made up of monomer subunits. Most people consider biochemistry to be same with molecular biology. Nowadays, biochemistry has become the root for understanding all biological processes. It has provided widely explanations for the causes of many diseases in humans, animals and plants. As a student, we should study it…show more content…
Furthermore, knowledge of biochemistry is also widely spread in the scope of physiology, microbiology, pharmacology and the clinical study of chemistry. In these field, biochemist will investigate or observe the mechanism of a drug action, planning a research pertaining to the organ function and to study the diagnosis and the therapy that can be applied to the diseases and the assessment of health. As a conclusion, biochemistry form an important part of essential science because biochemistry provides the foundation for understanding all the biological process in life. Biochemistry have solved many diseases problem by suggestion of ways on how to treat the diseases and provided the explanation for many causes of diseases in humans, plants and animals. Besides that, biochemistry is also significant in the other disciplines, especially physiology, nutrition, molecular biology, and genetics, where as its discoveries have made a profound impact in medicine, agriculture, industry, and many other areas of human activity. Biochemistry is also known as one of the practical science where as its provides the basis for the practical advance in
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