What Is Business Ethics? The Public Interest

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Corporate Social Responsibility Executive Summary Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has gain a considerable amount of attention in recent years. Much of this has been driven by the public's expectations of their products to be produced under ethical business models. With the aid of technology consumers are becoming more aware of the operations that are responsible for the products they buy. Therefore the pressure for maintaining a CSR program has come from multiple sources. This paper will provide a brief introduction to the history of CSR's development as well as of the current issues that are being developed in the field. Growth of Corporate Social Responsibility Corporations are becoming the target of the attention of individuals and groups across the world in regards to how they perform on social, environmental, and financial metrics. The growth of the interest in corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been fueled by many unethical acts generated in the corporate world that have gained significant amounts of media coverage in the last decade. These transgressions have done much to illuminate some of the darker aspects of many larger companies. Not only have these unethical acts been exemplified frequently, but the effects that these acts have on the overall economy are becoming more well-known such as the sub-prime mortgage scandals that were partly responsible for the global recession. Technology has increased the amount of information that is
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