What Is China's One-Child Policy?

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My initial thoughts about China’s One-Child policy was that it is absurd and immoral. However, after fully investigating other reasons behind the policy I found it to be necessary. The use of the one-child policy has regulated China’s population which in fact can benefit not just China, but the rest of the world’s environmental impacts. It’s no secret that China has the world’s largest amount of natural born citizens and they alone claim a large percentage of the world’s total population. The establishment of the one-child policy has decreased the population by a total of at least 400 million people and that alone is just a 100 million short of Europe’s entire population. Even though China’s one-child policy has been switched for all citizens …show more content…

The one-child policy should stay because Chinese couples only have a problem with being told a limit on how many children they can have. One can argue to have the policy uprooted, but it is still necessary to be in effect in case the public of China changes their minds on the amount of children they desire and the population doesn’t skyrocket to an unimaginable range. China’s One-Child policy is needed to control the population of China’s rapid growth as well as maintaining a stable, healthy environment for all of China and the rest of the world to live in. Regardless of a heavy populated area’s whereabouts, population has a huge effect on the state of the earth so China’s One-Child policy is a good place to start. China wants to increase their population in fear they will drop their economic status at an astronomical rate, but in order to reduce a population and uphold their wealth something must change. That’s right: get rid of sexism. If the Chinese were to accept women in their society and be more willing to have a baby girl that would be a miracle. The one-child policy must stay, however, to ensure the population doesn’t get out of hand, but if girls weren’t aborted the population would make a steady comeback if that’s what the Chinese need to be economically sound. Finally, some Chinese people do not have a problem with having just one child. In fact, many couples are happy with one kid and wouldn’t want another; it’s just the fact that Chinese are being told how to live their lives and they do not accept those terms and conditions which is understandable. Overall, the one-child policy should stay in effect until the population of China has significantly

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