What Is Disciplinary Literacy Can Improve The Classroom? Essay

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What is disciplinary literacy in the history classroom? What are the specific literacy "strategies/skills" students need in the history classroom? What are the demands of the disciplinary literacy in the history classroom? What does the history teacher need to know to develop disciplinary literacy in her/his classroom? How to develop disciplinary literacy skills in the history classroom?
Bain, R. B. (2012). Using disciplinary literacy to develop coherence in history teacher education: The clinical rounds project. The History Teacher, 45(4), 513 - 532. Bain (2012) defines disciplinary literacy in history as the necessary connections to improve the teachers ' capabilities to use reading and writing in history across different contexts and in a range of learners. Bain (2012), based on Mojes 's findings, claims that there are four identified interconnected skills of funds of knowledge: semantic, disciplinary, discursive, and pragmatic knowledge. Historians read, interpret, and analyze to create narratives, explanations, or arguments. According to Bain (2012), the traditional strategies of sourcing, contextualizing, or corroborating do not fully capture the reading support that students need to understand the different genre, positions, and type of historical texts. There are greater demands for adolescents in reading and writing. The text complexity of the history texts in middle and high schools demand from students in these grades to

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