What Is Dynamic Nature Of MIS Infrastructure

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Dynamic Nature of MIS infrastructure
A good MIS infrastructure should support operations and business continuity, with a tested backup and recovery plan. It should also be dynamic and support changes as needed including new hardware. It should be agile, and be high on accessibility, availability, portability, reliability, scalability, maintainability, and usability.
Agile methodology. According to McRoberts (2016), companies are employing new scalable systems and technologies that allow them to connect seamlessly connectivity across people, processes and technology, as well as improving employee safety and energy savings, to replace legacy systems which lack the connectivity and intelligence for business efficiency
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This option includes infrastructure as a service, software as a service, and platform as a service. Third, virtualized computing, creating multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine to maximum its usage.
Many suppliers of cloud computing are working hard on sustainability. For example, Google data center experiments with different cooling technology and found that having server rack that is buddied with an air conditioning unit, helps cool down the servers. Moreover, the cooling mechanism is a series of coils with water. As hot air rises from the servers, the water absorbed the heat thereby cooling down the serves. The warm water gets cooled down when it flows outside the data center, and the cool water flows into the server room to cool down the racks again. Innovation is prevalent at Google data center, and it aims to reduce carbon offsets.
Amazon is another example powering its data centers with renewable energy, by buying the energy generated by a wind farm in Indiana, which will generate 500,000 megawatt hours of energy (enough to power over 40,000 homes a year) to run its current and future Cloud data centers (Cheeseman, 2015). As a third example, Microsoft and the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) partner together on research to improve facility sustainability by engineering more green technology, bringing technology, economics and commercialization to create a smart intelligent energy system to reduce the environmental footprint of data

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