What Is Effective Communication In Healthcare

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Healthcare is one of the most diverse and evolving businesses ever created. In the hands of nurses, physicians, and healthcare workers are the lives of their community members, friends, family, and loved ones. For this reason, having secure organizational governance is vital. The ability to provide safe, cost-effective, high-quality care to patients is the utmost goal for most healthcare organizations, which would be nearly impossible without skilled management and leadership guidance (Zastocki, 2015).This management/leadership individual or team is responsible for creating and applying several topics that promote the success of the organization as a whole. These topics include structure, power, communication, decision-making and the organizational mission. This essay will describe and assess the typical, successful organization as well as assess the…show more content…
There are two types of communication in an organization, formal and informal. Informal channels of communication are often found in informal groups, such as a peer group or a unit based council. This communication is most effective, and allows for the discussion about ideas and issues that are present and understood by all (Fallon, Begun & Riley, 2013). Formal channels of communication are stricter and fall down the hierarchy from managers to the subordinate people or vice versa. Such formal communication could include things like a verbal presentation or document that expresses a problem, new idea or policy. Communication is especially important in the organization because of relevance of conflict between employees. A person who exhibits positive communication techniques during conflict is an active listener, is able to decipher information and turn it into something both parties involved can understand and shows others that they are competent and able to stimulate a resolution to issues (Porter-O’Grady & Malloch,
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