Reflection Paper On Communication

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Analysis Communication
Communication is essential in all facets of an organization. It can aid in decision making, planning and conflict resolution. The ability to effectively communicate allows facilitation of relationships between superiors and subordinates; essentially this creates higher job satisfaction (Dogra, A., 2012). Open communication where employees have opportunity to voice their ideas and concerns, corelates to employees feeling a sense of value within the organization, which creates motivation (Dogra, A., 2012). Furthermore, in conjunction with these ideas, a sense of partnership and loyalty begin to develop between subordinates and superiors. The responses to this are typically seen in greater responsibility being given to the subordinate.
Reflection on DFS Communication
At the start of my placement, I was anxious, and scared all at the same time. I had never worked with youth before, or had a background in it. I was essentially thrown right in, and now I realize that is the only way to become acquainted with this type of work. Early on open communication allowed me to ask questions, and gain perspective on things I was unaware of. Before long I was communicating ideas and concerns to superiors formally, and informally. It did not take long for increased roles and responsibilities within the program and organization.
There was one scenario where as a youth worker I was able to provide assistance to an individual who was threatening his own life.

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