What Is Effective Communication In Nursing

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Communication is defined as the process through which information is passed from one person to another. The importance of communication is the essential foundation in nursing. It helps in creating bonds between individuals as well as promoting understanding. We need communication not only to convey information and knowledge to one another, but more importantly, to relate to one another as human beings around the world in the context of relationships, families, and organizations. With verbal and nonverbal methods of communication, nurses must utilize strategies and excellent communication skills to provide safe, and quality care.
Effective communication
Communication is core in all professional career to deliver safe patient care. “Effective
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The effective of communication is dependent upon numerous factors: age, gender, culture, language barriers, developmental and cognitive level, and willingness. Nurse faces common barriers to communicating with their patient’s every day. As a nurse when we encounter some of these barriers, we should “assess factors that influence the patient and the ability to learn…readiness/willingness to communicate…and patient ability to communicate” (Boykins,2014, p.42). Effective communication involves overcoming these barriers and conveying a clear and concise message. As patient-centered care continues to advance the resources and tools used for communication with patients and other healthcare providers continue to raise. TeamSTEPPS, CUS are two of the tools developed to help guide communication and teamwork. TeamSTEPPS (team strategies and tools to enhance performance and patient safety) works on building skills to effectively communicate and work together as a team. “Using crucial conversations framework healthcare members can build more effective helping and healing relationships with each other” (Hood, 2014, p.104). CUS (concerned, uncomfortable, stop) is a tool developed to help with conflict and resolution. It gives quick, clear actions to take when involved in a situation where safety is or may be an
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