Communication As A Nurse

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As a current nursing student, the book Fundamentals of Nursing will enhance my career by helping me implement good communication skills and understanding spiritual health.
Chapter 24 that discusses communication and chapter 36 that discusses spiritual health are the chapters that helped me in writing this report.
It is factual that effective communication skills and competency are needed upon achieving a profession as a nurse. Upon first greeting a patient the distinctive level of communication is apparent. Communication has two core factors, non-verbal and verbal. Both types of communication will be implemented on a regular basis as I interact with patients in my nursing career. It will be vital for me to attain an increased and developed …show more content…

I now understand that spirituality represents for numerous people a critical element that solidifies their belief in God. Showcasing spirituality through common practices, via good service to others, passing on wisdom, or showing compassion, usually brings deep intimate satisfactions. From my reading and comprehension, as I will concentrate on creating a secure, wholesome and warm environment for the patients in my care. I understand that the nurses' function is to feel and capture the imbalance that is present, and to get rid of the barricades in the patients’ recovery process. Spiritual care should be a positive and delicate approach, on the basis of trust and a terrific comfortable relationship between the patient and nurse in an effort to deliver quality care.
Holistic care focuses on the emotional, physical, economic, social and spiritual needs of individual people. Patient care has an important goal which is obtaining and maintaining the equality between mind, body and environment, as this balance is important for a fulfilling life.
In closing, this textbook has fundamentally taught me that Nurses play an important role in the health care profession helping and caring for individuals, or whole families and it has many important elements which are needed to ensure a great quality of

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