What Is Human Services?

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What is Human Services? Everyone at some point in their lives needs help. This help could range from help with their bills to help with adequate shelter or even help with everyday living skills. No matter what the reason is for the help, it is an inevitable that people need it. In these times of need, people may wonder who they can turn to for help. This question often goes unanswered because people are so unsure. Rest assured, however, that Human Services is here to help. People just need to know where to look and even how to look for this help.
Goal of Human Services According to the National Organization
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In today’s day and age, people would think this ridiculous and some people would be quick to set someone straight when talking about these things. It is because of this, that you can see the history of human service work has come a long way. Even as it stands today, it is safe to say that human services have been around since the beginning of time, however, we can only trace it back to the 1800’s. Even then, human services was a major need. There was the need for food, clothing, and shelter along with things such as mental health services, job placements, and even schooling. Though people in the 1800’s did not have the technology we do today, these needs still needed to be met. As the years passed, the human services industry grew and things started to become clearer to people who once thought things such as epilepsy being the mark of the devil. In the 1900’s several Acts were passed, including that of the Federal food, drug, and cosmetic act and the Social Security Act. As the year 2000 fast approached, it was inevitable that the human service field was growing. Such things as the beginning of the Enactment of the Medicare Drug Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003 came to play and started the expansion of Medicare. Human services will have a place in the future
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