What Is Important About Literacy?

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What is Important about Literacy? Literacy is arguably one of the most important qualities a human can acquire. It is used every day and without it we could not communicate, but what part of literacy is the most important? Technology is moving faster than ever before and literacy has begun to take on a different form. It is no longer just writing formal in letters and communicating over the telephone from a call. In this day and age literacy must be formal and informal. The cell phone is arguably the biggest factor in this change. Texting has made sending messages as easy as pressing a button. People no longer try to be proper due to how quick they can exchange messages. Even the business world is changing from the more formal communication to a more rapid quick and fast paced work. Managers and bosses no longer want well written messages and would rather have a quick to the point message. This is why I believe that informal literacy is more important than formal literacy. Today’s world is changing every day, in order to keep up we must change with it. No longer will literacy only be considered good if you can write a letter properly. The work place has moved to the inform way. There are many advantages to informal literacy that many people fail to see. These assets are crucial in the day to day operations. “Informal communication is more flexible than formal communication because it is free from all type of formalities. (businesscom)” This flexibility allows business to

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