What Is International Business Major Essay

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International Business Major: An Insight from the Outside
Building a perspective of how our career might look like is certainly a hard task. Because of this reason, to have an insight from someone who is already performing in the field that where are pursuing will facilitate the outlook we have before us. There are a few aspects we need to take into consideration while seeking the correct path to follow:
Career Overview
International Business workers are the public faces of their companies. According to the John Brown University (n.d), international business majors strategize and implement growth plans internationally. Likewise, part of their job is to manage imports and exports in multinational corporations, translate for business and …show more content…

However, the workday cannot exceed more than 12 hours. ( Costa Rica, n.d)
My decision of studying a Business major is based on two main aspects. First, I want to improve the concept that my country has about business. Most companies are immersed in dishonest marketing strategies. Some others have replaced their mean objective, customer’s satisfaction, with the idea of generating more money. Also, there is a small number of firms that are still working with poor and outdated business strategies. Through innovative and ingenious ideas I can design better methods to influence the market and to decrease corruption among firms. Second, I would like to run my own business. But before starting my own business I want to gather as much experience as I can. For this reason, one of the potential companies in Costa Rica that provides an exceptional business environment is Procter and Gamble. P&G looks for innovative minds and people who want to outstand and impact the company-customer relationship. A major in International Business will allow me to develop my ability to analyze complex problems and to understand what works better for my future customers and employers.
Interview with a Professional in the Business Field I had the opportunity to interview one of the Walton alumni. Jesus Bonilla graduated from John Brown University in 2016 with a double degree in Business

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