What Is Joan Of Arc Downfall

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Joan of Arc was an iconic maiden whom helped save France and crown Charles VII. She was a reputable teenager who commanded her own army at the age of seventeen. She managed to convince Charles to let her lead a group of men into battle while he was still unsure about her reputation and her claims of hearing voices. While Joan had these voices to guide her to many victories and accomplishments, they also proved to bring her downfall six years after she first heard them. Joan was born around 1412 in Domrémy, France, to mother Isabelle Romée and father Jacques d’Arc. According to a documentary provided by BYUtv, Joan first had her visions when she was in her father's garden. She said that Archangel Michael came to her when she was only thirteen and he directed her on what she would need to do. He instructed her to expel France's…show more content…
Joan was also well known for her volatile temper which also contributed to being a successful commander. When she joined the siege of Orléans there had only been one attempted attack on the castle, but when Joan arrived she attacked and captured the fortresses of Saint Loup and Saint Jean le Blanc (Joan of Arc in Battle She also continued to take castle after castle during her first siege and proved herself more and more each time. Joan gained her eternal title of ‘legendary’ when she received an arrow to the neck but returned to battle to lead her troops to their final attack. Her men looked to her as a true leader which caused them to be more loyal and more willing to fight to the best of their abilities for her and the crown. After her victory with Orléans, everybody wanted her to try and take Paris or Normandy, but she thought different and went to take Charles VII to his coronation. The council and her troops were astonished by her
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