What Is Malnutrition?

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What is Desnutrition or Malnutrition?
Malnutrition is the disease caused by the insufficient supply of fuels
(carbohydrates - fats) and proteins, It means that a person's body is not getting enough nutrients. This condition can result from eating an inadequate or poorly balanced diet, digestive disorders, absorption problems or other medical conditions Malnutrition in its various forms is the most common of diseases. Its causes are generally due to poor economic resources or diseases that compromise good nutritional status. According to the international manual of classification of diseases is a possible medical complication but that can be prevented and that has very important impact on the result of the treatments.
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There are different methods for assessing nutritional status, such as questioning, subjective global assessment, biochemical tests, body composition, immunological data, and prognostic indexes. Each of them is described below:
Interrogation. An estimation is obtained about dietary habits, food intolerances, anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea, sequelae of some surgical treatment, religious and cultural traditions that can influence the nutrition of a patient. This method has as limitations the patient's age, the ability to remember information, as well as the patient's state of consciousness. In addition to the possibility of sub or over estimating the food ration, providing a significant calculation error in the nutritional contribution.
Subjective global assessment. It is a clinical technique that quickly assesses nutritional status according to the characteristics of the physical examination and examination. Here patients are classified as normal, moderately malnourished and severely malnourished. This technique has not been formally evaluated in the critical patient; it is lacking in quantification and therefore its sensitivity is limited in assessing changes in nutritional status after or

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