What Is Materialism In The City By David Harvey

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In 1968, David Harvey published a book titled Rebel Cities: From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution, where he argues the importance of changing the current way of urban living. With great influence from Henri Lefebvre, Harvey offers an anti-capitalist rebellion against today’s treatment of those living in poverty. In Rebel Cities, Harvey uses the term ‘right to the city’. He states that this right is empty in a sense, implying that it is a right that does not have a definition or meaning. Harvey states that this right represents a collective struggle for the people who have helped in the building and populating of their city. The ‘right to the city’ is the right that should allow this community of people to decide how their city will continue in terms of urbanization. According to Harvey, the people who have built and constructed the infrastructure, the families, and other cultural and social communities who have aided in the improvement of the …show more content…

To be more specific, capitalism has become a threat to the environment and people’s well being. Wilkinson and Pickett discuss how our society has become focused on material aspects and how inequality is directly related to emotional suffering. Due to more and more countries taking part in capitalism, inequality has been able to grow throughout the world. The beginning of second chapter of The Spirit Level, it is stated that “within societies health and social problems remain strongly associated with incomes”. In addition, it is argued that matters such as mental illness, homicides, life expectancy, obesity, teen pregnancy, and children’s educational performance are linked to income. By conducting research across the United States, it was concluded that levels of anxiety and depression have increased throughout western

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