What Is Meant By Renewable Energy Source?

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What is meant by renewable energy source? A renewable energy is naturally regenerated over a short time scale and received directly from the sun. Renewable energy does not include energy resources that come from gasoline, natural gas or oil, waste products from fossil sources or waste products from not related to living sources. List the different types of renewable energy sources Solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric power, bioenergy, geothermal energy, ocean energy and water energy. Explain the details behind wind power Wind energy is generated by changing wind currents into alternative types of energy using wind turbines. Winds are generated by complicated mechanisms involving the rotation of the temperature gradients between land and ocean, therefore the physical effect of mountains and alternative obstacles. How is wind turbine designed? Wind turbines are machines that convert the winds kinetic energy into rotary energy, that is then accustomed work. In additional advanced model the motion energy is transformed into electricity, the foremost versatile type of energy is by using a generator. What are the advantages and disadvantages to wind generators? The advantages of wind generators are that wind is free and with modern age technology it may be captured with efficiency, once the turbine is constructed the energy it produces doesn’t cause inexperienced house gases or alternative pollutants. Wind turbines have a job to play in each the developed and Third

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