What Is Modding And It Is Important For Many Reasons

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Introduction Case, a first thing that one sees when looking at a computer, is important for many reasons. Primarily it is a box of metal that protects the parts inside from dust, damage, liquids, etc., but also can be a way in which the user can express himself or herself. There is a popular trend among PC builders to show off their rigs and let others express their opinions about the work they have created. As a matter of fact, there are events held all over the world where people make changes to the cases to match certain theme or design. This practice is called modding and it is exciting as you can create a case that no one else has and that will match your personality. Some modders are truly amazing at what they do and as many say “case modding can quickly become addictive. Once you start, it’s difficult to stop” (PC Gamer. 2015). People have different styles and there is something for everyone- from simple and clean design to abstract and complicated one. Also cases come in many different sizes from very small mini-ITX to very big full towers, depending on what will be the computer’s purpose. This essay will talk about a mid-tower PC case NZXT H440, company background and product’s circuit of culture. A PC case that was modded to match Gulf colours (_0Cool_, (2015), GULF Performance by “_0Cool_”) Company Background NZXT is a

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