What Is Patient- Centered Healthcare?

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Patient- centered healthcare has always been a goal for every field in the U.S. healthcare system. When physicians use this model of care patients have better outcomes and physician satisfaction rating are greatly improved. Patient- centered care focuses on trust and comfort between the patient and the healthcare providers. If the U.S. strives to accomplish a patient- centered healthcare system, then every patient population needs to be included. The United States is an ethnically and culturally diverse nation. Unfortunately, health disparities in the U.S. have a direct link to minority populations. Providing patient- centered care includes the ability to communicate effectively and appreciate differences in ethics and values. In order to improve patient’s quality of care their needs to be increased diversity in the healthcare workforce, in conjunction with educational courses focused on “valuing ethnic diversity” and impact of health disparities on patient care provided for every student perusing a profession in healthcare. Increasing diversity in the healthcare workforce will allow for an increase in patient care. Xue and Brewer (2014) state that “a culturally diverse healthcare workforce, one that meets the needs of an increasingly diverse population, is believed critical to provide culturally competent patient care, improve access to care, and help reduce health disparities” (p.1). In order to diversify the healthcare workforce their needs to be greater effort provided
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