What Is Random Lengths?

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1 My work with Random Lengths Publications from 2002-2016 involved investigating wood products markets and collecting data about prices, housing, international trade, and more. I reported to thousands of subscribers with market summaries, and I wrote longer stories on topics that warranted further explanation. My most important role was conducting phone interviews and gathering information from internet sources to report prices, much like the Kelley Blue Park repors car prices.
2. Every issue of the weekly Random Lengths carried with it the potential that one or more of the prices I reported would be different that what particular readers had anticipated. Many wood products traders based their transaction prices on the figures that I …show more content…

The principal eventually spotted us and asked us to leave. The photographer protested, but there was nothing to be gained by arguing, and there was certainly something to lose if we alienated the high school principal and others. We had gathered some material anyway, but even if we had nothing, there are other ways to fill newspaper space.
3. Working for Royal Caribbean this year, I inspect and review intranet pages to ensure they are constructed correctly. The visual page must provide complete, accurate information so that a sales agent can quickly and correctly answer customer questions. A typographical error might be little more than an embarrassment, but it still could reflect poorly on individuals or the company, and it needs to be fixed. More urgently, an error could cause an agent to provide incorrect information that could cost customers, or perhaps the company, significant money and time. The code making up the page must similarly be accurate. A missing quote mark or bracket in the code could cause formatting errors and little more than cosmetic damage. However, I’m also examining pages to ensure that the pictures and other graphics match the text, and that links point to the documents they say they’re going to. In previous work with Random Lengths and other publications, I’ve

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