What Is Situated Cognition Theory

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duction Situated cognition theory emphasizes the importance of context and interaction in the process of constructing knowledge, it's also that all knowledge is situated in activity bound to social, cultural and physical contexts and that knowing is inseparable from doing. According to Brown, Collins & Duguid, 1989 they propose that learning is naturally tied to an authentic activity and is shaped by context and culture because knowledge is situated in, and is also an outcome of authentic cultural activities. Hence, Hennessy (1993) affirms that situated cognition recognizes the important role played by the social and physical aspects of learning environments. In these environments, students collaborate with one another and their teachers to cultivate a culture of learning within a community of practitioners. Learning is seen as a process of acculturation brought about by individual participation in socially organized practices through which specialized local knowledge, rituals, practices and vocabulary are developed in the learner. (Hennessy, 1993).
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