Mid Term Assessment Education 324 Spring 2016

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Mid-Term Assessment-Education 324-Spring 2016 This exam is a take-home exam and is worth 50 points. You may use your book, handouts, power points, or notes for completion. Please attach additional pages with your typed or carefully printed responses to these questions. The due date is on or before class time on April 6. 1. ( 4 pts.) How are ELL students assessed under Title I and under Title III of NCLB? Under Title I, test scores from ELL students are used in order to see if they are meeting state level performance standards. These yearly test scores show if schools and districts are meeting their yearly progress goals. Title III says that ELL students need to show their progress in improving and reaching proficiency of the English language. 2. (4 pts.) Using the Communiqué article, “Using the NASP framework for effective practice with indigenous youth, families, and communities,” provide an example of “culturally embedded” cognitive skills that might be evidenced by a student from an indigenous family background. An example of “culturally embedded knowledge” that could be a part of a student’s cognitive skills is the example from the article where students are farming and herding sheep. From doing this daily as part of their routine, students may develop the cognitive skills of organizing and attending to detail. Therefore, a school should build upon these skills that the child has and acknowledge them, rather than assuming that person hasn’t developed these

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