What Is Stress, Stress And Spissuality

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Exercise 18: write 1-3 words that define stress for you.

Stress is commonly defined as a state of mental and emotional strain caused by very demanding and/or pressuring adverse circumstances.
Synonyms of stress are: tension, pressure, strain, nervous tension, worry, anxiety and nervousness.
In practical terms, stress is a very subjective phenomena with physical & psychological manifestations: ulcers, shrinkage of lymphoid tissue, enlargement of adrenal glands, rheumatoid arthritis, strokes & heart attacks.
It is subjective simply because one stressful situation could be non-stressful to another person; individual differences & selective perception; what we perceive & how
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Stress becomes a dominating issue affecting all aspects of life & making you want to talk about it all the time and giving yourselves excuses to be angry, irritated and lag behind.
Stress also negatively affects your judgment of situations hence your next steps, leading to more stress & the cycle doesn’t end. You become trapped!
Exercise 20: IPEC - Take 2 fingers & jab them into your ribs really hard. Start to have a conversation with someone, read something or engage in an activity. Where is your attention? It is probably not the discussion, book or activity.
This is exactly what happens when you are stressed; you are distracted & your focus is shattered, which limits your ability to think & function properly.
The psychologist Hans Seyle, describes the reaction as General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) which has 3 stages:-
1. The Alarm Reaction: This is known as fight or flight reaction in response to presented danger.
It is a natural survival reaction where the body becomes alarmed and ready to either fight to protect itself or to flight (run away) to save
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