What Is The Calling To Serve On A Board Of Ministry?

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The calling to serve on a board of ministry is a serious matter. The potential board member must have a profound belief in the ministry. Dedication and devotion to the ministry and its work is vital for servanthood. The board member must possess a strong desire to serve the community. He/she must have a special connection to those whom they will serve. Having strong solidarity with the community and compassion for others is key. Leadership roles on the board requires humility and being connected to the ministry. The term “Governance” has several different meanings. When referring to a board member this term means being prepared for board meetings well in advance of their upcoming dates. Attending meetings is also vital to the …show more content…

Cultivating relationships along with stewardship is the primary responsibility of the board. Long term financial commitments is paramount to future success. Ambassadorship is about our passion for what we do and bringing that message to the community. The non-profit board often uses an outside consultant for a variety of reasons. “Fundraising, board orientation and board development, strategic planning, executive search, facility planning, membership promotion, public relations, and special events.” (Board Source.) Consultants can also bring with them a fresh perspective to the mission that would otherwise be internal only. Hiring a professional consultant is an important decision. The board members and the executive director should all agree on what exactly they are needing assistance with. Having a clear understanding of what you want the consultant to accomplish is vital before moving forward with hiring a consultant. The following guidelines have been established by the (“Board Source publication.”) “Identify the scope of the project and confirm the need for a consultant. Outline the tasks you want the consultant to perform. Prepare a written description of the project scope and timetable. Search for potential consultants. Request proposals from individuals or firms. Evaluate the proposals and check references of previous clients. Choose a consultant and enter into a written agreement.” The

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