What Is The Climax Of I Am Malala

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I am Malala is about a Muslim girl who stands up for her education. Girls were not typically offered education, but Malala thought that was unfair, and wouldn't let anything stop her from going to school. Malala Yousafzai wrote the book herself, and it is 313 pages.
The start of the book is about Malala’s childhood. She grew up in an unorthodox family. Typically, in her religion, the boys are favored by their parents, but her father takes pride in his daughter. She grows up watching her father start a school, which she goes to. Her family offers education to many girls that would not otherwise have it. Malala LOVES school and studies as hard as she can. From a young age, she knows that she wants to go into politics and fight for what she believes in.
This fight, however, was not an easy one because the Taliban was controlling her village. The Taliban, led by Maulana Fazullah in her village, believed that a woman's role was to stay home and take care of the house, so they didn't need an education. Fazullah also told men to grow out their beards and not to chew tobacco. The Taliban become more and more brutal as …show more content…

Malala is on the school bus, when suddenly a man in all black got on their bus asking “Who is Malala?” They had heard of her protests and fights for education. She was the only girl with her head uncovered, which meant trouble. The man shot 3 bullets, one of them going into Malala's head, the other hitting girls next to her. Malala is knocked out, and doesn't remember anything. She is rushed to the hospital, only to be sent on a helicopter to a city called Peshawar. The bullet came awfully close to her brain, but luckily didn't hit it. However, bullet caused swelling, which caused a lot of pain. For a couple of months, Malala couldn't move her face at all. She was alone at the hospital for 3 weeks before her parents came. Her recovery took almost a year, but she made

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