What Is The Difference Between A University And A Community College

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One may assume that the life of a college student at a four- year university is no different than that of a college student at a community college (two-year college). Although the purpose of a university of college is to provide one basic thing; which is a formal education, a University and a community college are completely different in so many aspects. Three ways in which a University may differ from a community college is housing options available to students, student performance and means of transportation to get to school. First and foremost, Students at a four-year university have a variety of choices to select from when it comes to where to stay. At a university, students may choose to live in, on campus housings such as dormitory’s, on campus and off campus apartments offered by the University, at home with their parents or rent a house with their fellow schoolmates. These housing options give students the option to explore their environment and learn more about themselves. Not only do students learn to live with other people, but they also learn to become independent and responsible since there are no parents around to guide them through whatever they do. Also, students build relationships that may last a lifetime. However, a student who attends a community college usually lives at home with his or her parents and since most community colleges do not offer housing options for their students, the students would have to find a place to live on their own if

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