What Is The Difference Between Aristotle And Plato

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At some point and time every college student will face the task of taking a philosophy class and within that class will most likely find themselves comparing the views of the ancient Greek philosophers Aristotle and Plato. As both men knew each other and in fact, Plato was the teacher of Aristotle it's always interesting to see how the thoughts of the student differ from the views of their teacher. Both men are equally matched to compare as both critically studied the matters of science, politics, ethics, and art over their respective life times. While Plato’s works have been documented and keep in style as they have been copied for centuries. It can be argued that Aristotle’s work has had the greater influence in the worlds of politics, ethics, and art. But could that be true? Are the two men so different in the worlds of politics, ethics, and art?

Though the first contrast truly comes in what is considered their noble ideas. While Plato is known for Platonic Idealism, Platonic Realism, and Theory of Forms. While Aristotle is known for The Golden Mean, Reason, Logic, Biology, and Passion. This is not too big of a surprise as most accounts of their interests show that the two men valued for the most part different things. While Aristotle’s reported interests included things like metaphysics, science, logic, and ethics. Plato is reported to have cared more for literature, justice, rhetoric, art, education, family and militarism. With the only main interest that the two men

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