What Is The Difference Between Norma Jeane Mortenson And Marilyn Monroe

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Norma Jeane Mortenson and Marilyn Monroe She was a very Intelligent and achieving person that was born on June 1, 1926, she didn't know who her father was and her mother Gladys Baker Mortenson had left her in an orphanage when she was 5 years old lived in Los Angeles, California. Gladys Baker Mortenson had named her Norma Jeane Mortenson. In 1937 Gladys Baker Mortenson had paid a family friend and her husband, Grace and Doc Goddard to take care of Norma and to raise her. she would pay them $25 weekly. But when Doc’s job had to be transferred in 1942 to East Coast they couldn’t bring her with them. When Norma would ask them for anything they would say no like for instance if she asked permission to go to the movies they wouldn’t let her. Norma’s …show more content…

She only had two choices, either to get married or to stay in foster homes and orphanages and her option was to get married to Jimmy Dougherty when she was sixteen years old on June 19, 1942.
At the age of fifteen Norma had dropped out from school. When the days and months were passing by she had gotten divorced from Dougherty the same year that Marilyn had signed her first movie contract because she was more focus on the career of her dreams that she had been dreaming about since she was little in becoming a famous actress just like Jean Harlow and Lana Turner, and her husband didn’t like the fact that she was becoming a scarlet, “ You have been more interested in your career lately rather than our marriage.” Dougherty said “It's a career that I have always wanted since I was little.” Marilyn …show more content…

she explained to him why she was taking them and said, “ I'm taking them because sometimes I get Headaches and I take the sleeping pills so I wouldn’t feel the pain when I would sleep.” Later Monroe was being dismissed from the days that she had been absent when she had to work on a movie film called “Something’s got to give” and they were due to illnesses that she supposably had.
Marilyn got sued for breach of contract from the 20th Century fox that she has not been going to work on her filming they tried contacting her but no responses from her in any way no address no nothing.
On August 5th, 1962 their laid Marilyn’s death in her home which was in Los Angeles California. An empty bottle of sleeping pills was laying next to her where she was laid also. Everyone started talking about her and everyone was surprised by her death.
Monroe didn't own a house until the last year of her life. Today she is still considered as the world's most popular and famous and amazingly woman that achieved in her dreams without anyone helping her out, there's been a lot of admiration for Marilyn Monroe and there's a lot of people that just want to be like

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