What Is The Difference Between Online Education And Traditional Education

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Even though Lacking in quality-Successful on-ground instruction does not always translate to successful online instruction. If facilitators are not properly trained in online delivery and methodologies, the success of the online program will be compromised. An instructor must be able to communicate well in writing and in the language in which the course is offered. An online program will be weakened if its facilitators are not adequately prepared to function in the Virtual Classroom., Nowadays, education becomes one of the important things in human life. Most people are aware of the necessity of a higher education. In this present day with the technology there are more options to obtain education. Besides attending traditional schools, people can get an online education. Although there is a similarity between online education and traditional education, the differences between them are more noteworthy. because Level Playing Field- When you enroll in an online course, you retain a considerable amount of anonymity. Certain discriminating factors such as age, physical appearance, race, gender, and even disabilities are largely absent from online education classes. , Another difference between the two education styles is flexibility. Traditional schools require their students to be physically present in a classroom. However, students having online education can attend classes without going to school. That is because online courses are given virtually. Therefore, there are no
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