What Is The Effect Of Persuasive Essay On Drinking And Driving

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It’s an ordinary Friday in October. For some people, this Friday night includes going to work, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, or even spending the night out with friends. Unfortunately, in some cases, Saturday morning could be a nightmare for others. We as people sometimes forget to cherish the little things in life like morning breakfast, watching a movie, smelling the fresh grass, or even something as simple as waking up. Unless you’ve experienced the tragedy of losing a loved one to drinking and driving or you received a DUI as a result of poor decision making, it is not usually something that crosses your mind every day; but it is unforgotten. Hidden in the back of your mind is the common sense to know that driving under the influence is not only a serious crime, but a deadly one. No mother wakes up and forgets to feed their child, just like no person forgets not to drink and drive that night; drinking and driving is like neglecting a child.
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While this is true, that same person made a conscious decision, while sober, to go to the bar; which included negotiating options of transportation there. With this being said, that person could have decided to get a ride there and therefore back as well. When a mother neglects a child, it is often looked at as shocking and hateful. While a drunk driving incident could be looked at in the same light, someone could also feel sympathy for the driver for their awful “mistake”, making it hard to distinguish the similarities between the two. For instance, take a helpless child and put it out in the cold without any sense of independence. Now take that same child and turn it into the child in the backseat of his mother’s car when she is instantly struck by a drunk driver. Drunk driving not only affects the individuals involved, but also impacts the lives of the survivors and victim’s family and friends

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