What Is The Future Of Artificial Intelligence In Fearing AI ( Artificial Intelligence?

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Fearing AI (Artificial Intelligence) Social interactions with machines, like Alexa, Siri, or online customer support is becoming a part of our everyday lives and we find these tools increasingly useful and knowledgeable. Despite these positive elements, the potential impact artificial intelligence could have on human socialization is something we should fear. In the near future, robots will consume every second of our day. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is becoming more and more human-like, therefore communication between humans and robots is becoming easier. This could become a problem because we could start to lose relationships with other humans. In the novel Speak, the threat of human interaction with artificial intelligence was a recurring theme, based on how the characters viewed (AI). The author of Speak, Louisa Hall, frames the future of human interaction and artificial intelligence in a pessimistic way. For example, (AI) can interfere with our personal relationships with other people, leaving us feeling empty inside. Speak by Louisa Hall centers on a character, MARY3, a talking doll who was programmed to retrieve and recite information from passed experiences that are appropriate for the user’s feelings. MARY3 was first introduced to Ramona, who was a young girl who needed help interacting with people because she was raised in solitude. Stephen Chinn, father to Ramona and known as the computer programmer in Speak. When Stephen Chinn was first mentioned in the
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