What Is The History Of Vietnamese Migration?

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What is the history of Vietnamese migration?
The migration of Vietnamese to Australia is relatively recent and has occurred in the last 40 years. The migration can be categorized into three periods:
1. Pre-1975
2. Refugee resettlement during 1975-1985
3. Family reunion

Before 1975, not many Vietnamese migrated to Australia. In 1958, due to the Colombo Plan, Vietnamese students started to arrive in Australia to study at universities. However, after finishing their courses, most of the students would return to Vietnam. The Vietnam War began in 1955, resulting in Australia committing combat troops to Vietnam to support the US Government. In 1975, the Australian Government completely withdraw from the Vietnam War. When the soldiers returned home, some had married Vietnamese and brought them back with them. ‘Operation Baby lift’ details the evacuation of Vietnamese orphans from Saigon to Bangkok, some of which were adopted by Australian families. Therefore, in 1975 there were only around 1000 Vietnam-born people in Australia.

Why did the Vietnamese migrate to Australia?
As a result of the Vietnam War, many Vietnamese sought refugee and fled their country in fear of persecution. Vietnamese refugees first fled to neighbouring refugee camps in southeast Asia. Later, wealthier countries such as Australia, France, Canada and Untied States accepted many of refugees into their country. Within the refugee resettlement stage, it could be broken down into four

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