What Is The Immediate Impact Of The Team Led?

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For team 21, the team lead (Evan Czupka) helped with writing down key features during the project process of understanding the immediate impact of this project for the Needs/Market Report and Analysis and Solutions Report. The team leader's major is Electrical Engineering with the role of being the Team Leader and Assistant Designer. Justin Beal took the responsibility of helping out with being the Team Lead Writer. Justin’s major is Electrical Engineering with the technical role of being a Design Tester for the project concept. John Jones took the responsibility of becoming the Team’s Lead Presenter. His major is Electrical Engineering with the technical role of being the Team’s Lead Designer for the project concept. Christopher Spanbauer …show more content…

With the team leader being an assistant designer and have the administrative role of being a “manager” to the team, the team leader gave directions and provided thoughts about how communication for the entire team for the entire completion of the project would take effect.
The team lead writer would go out and scan over all of the team’s documents that had references to other sources of information such as online articles. The team lead writer helped in contributing to spelling/grammar issues and formatting of all the papers that the team had written. Alongside to being the lead writer, he was also the team’s lead tester as he had resources and expensive equipment to support the team’s findings for design schematics and implementations from the brainstorming of team ideas. As the project carried over for weeks, some reports were to be turned in for validation of the team’s cooperation in getting the HECC to work from a design standpoint of view. The team’s lead writer helped in making sure that all information was understandable and readable to anyone for those specific papers and any other important documents.
The team lead presenter contributed to making sure that the presentations given out by the entire scope of the team were professional and justifiable to the audience. Using ideas from all other team members, the team lead presenter used software programs like Microsoft Powerpoint (for presentations) and Inkscape (for illustrations) to specifically configure all

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