What Is The Importance Of Inequality In Education?

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Only 41 percent of poorer children grow up in homes with married parents, down from 77 percent four decades ago. That has hurt poorer children’s chances of success, since children who live with both of their parents are more likely, even accounting for income, to fare better in school, stay out of trouble with the law, maintain lasting relationships, and earn higher incomes as adults. (Kenworthy 3). The changes of poorer children having access to various opportunities are very slender compared to rich children. They are most likely to hit every hurdle there is, before ever attaining their goals. Class division hinder individuals from job opportunities. For example, a person applying for a job, the employer will most likely do a background check which may result in a decline of employment due to their social standing. They will automatically see that the person is from a lower-class division. Resulting in discrimination against the person because of his/her social class. Not only are people being deprived of attaining the American dream because of discrimination but as well as Inequality and the lack of opportunity. Education plays signification role when it comes to having a brighter future. Without education, it's almost impossible to find a decent paying job. For example, researcher Shobe and Narine report that, "individual with an advanced education are more likely to be employed, have higher earnings, receive more benefits, and have access to increased opportunities for
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