What Is The Importance Of Life In The Military

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Being in the military is a huge commitment and requires a lot of dedication. A military man must sacrifice a lot in his life. My hat goes off to all those in the military who have laid down their lives for our country. The life of a military depends on the job they uphold and the branch they are a part of. The different branches are the Army, Air force, Navy, Coast guard, and Marines. One of the most commonly thought of jobs in the Air force is being a pilot. The Air force is known own skies and flying planes. This is one of the biggest and important jobs in the Air force. Tate, Robert F who wrote "When Doing Your Job Means Serving Your Country: An Air Force Pilot Takes Pride in the Duties Asked of Him. Gives examples and mentions the flying aspect and what Air force pilots do that are mentioned later in the paper. Another job in the military is an Army infantryman. When most think of the Army they think of boots on the ground. Men fights is the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan for freedom. This is a common job that people associate with the Army. Both jobs are very important, and the military relies on both of them heavily to get the job done and make our country safe. The lifestyle of an Air force pilot is very than that of and Army infantryman. Air force pilots make a little more money. An Air force pilot is required to be an officer in the military, so this automatically raises his salary higher than others. The starting salary is double the amount than that of the

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