What Is The Mood Of The Tower Of Babel

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The Tower of Babel found in Genesis 11:1-9 tells the story of humanity’s movement eastward and settling in the region of Babylon; where at that time, all the people spoke the same language. What unfolds is their quest to build a tower that would extend high into the heavens in order to make their name great and keep them from being scattered all over the earth. Also, the people’s ingenuity is highlighted with the process of baking bricks rather than using traditional stone. As they are building, the LORD comes down, and views their effort as a problem; in which he proceeds to confuse their language and scatter them all over the face of the earth. Through this short narrative, the author communicates a profound transition between the depravity …show more content…

Why is it a bad thing for the peoples of the world to accomplish anything they put their minds to? Who is the “us” in the “let us go down?” Why was it necessary to confuse their language and scatter them? These details or absent details are the author’s literary style of Janus, in which the author is referring back to the original command for humans to be fruitful and fill the earth (Genesis 1:28) and at the same time pointing forward to Abraham’s family filling the earth (Genesis 12:1-3). Also, literary foreshadowing can be seen in the humans attempting to make their name great, but in the future God making Abraham’s name great. Furthermore, the author uses a word play with the word “Babel” which means, “to confuse.” Most certainly, the author conveys more than the mere words …show more content…

First of which, Gary Schnittjer says, “The human race defied God’s instruction to multiply and fill the earth because they wanted to make a name for themselves” (Schnittjer 1737). God has always been a sending God. He instructed Adam and Eve to fill the earth. He called Abraham to go to the land he would show him so that he could be a blessing to all nations. Jesus told the disciples to wait in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit came on them, and then they would be his witness to the ends of the earth. Yet in the early church, what unfolds is mini-Babel building. The disciples stay in Jerusalem, perhaps not to make their name great, but they are not fulfilling God’s command to go and bless. Therefore, persecution breaks out. What can be learned from Genesis 11 and the rest of the Bible, is the church today must give attention going and blessing rather than codling and tower building. The church is to be sent into every neighborhood with the good news of the Gospel, rather than only care for themselves. God’s mandate has never changed since Genesis

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