What Is The Pirate World

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The setting of the book is in a fairy tale world, a galaxy, a modern world, an egyptian world, a pirate world (not neverland), and our world. The fairy tale world is world full of all the fairy tales. In this world, the fairy tales are real and the people of the kingdoms are part of the story. Cinderella, Rapunzel, Aurora, Snow White, and little Red Riding hood are queens. Goldilocks is a criminal. The galaxy world is in the galaxy and is created by Connor Bailey. He wrote for creative writing in his english class. It is a story, (as well as the modern world, egyption world and pirate world). The modern world is the world that has the story of the Ziblings, 4 superhero siblings. It has advanced technology and looks like it is in the future. The egyptian world is the story of blimp boy. It isn’t actually in egypt it is just based on egypt. It has mummies and pyramids. The pirate world is the story of Starbodia, a pirate adventure. …show more content…

Alex and Connor go into Starbodia, Galaxy Queen, The Ziblings, and Blimp boy and they recruit a pirate crew, robot aliens, 4 superhero siblings (each with its own power), and 1,000 mummy soldiers, and a mummy dog. However, when Connor tries to send a car with the masked man in it to one of his stories, he accidently sends it to a horror story written by his friend, Bree and the masked man gets killed. Meanwhile, Morina, the beauty witch finds Alex and makes her inhale dust that makes her powers be used for bad. She chose Alex out of many fairies because her magic is the strongest and her magic is powered by her heart and Morina makes her heart not feel love anymore which makes her use her powers for

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