What Is The Porter's Five Forces Of Coffee Industry

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nalyze the specialty coffee café industry using Porter’s Five Forces and Macroenvironmental Analysis. What are the key success factors in this industry?
Porter’s Five Forces
1- Internal Rivalry (Strong Force)
There are many sellers in the market heating up pricing competition. Competitors like McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Peet’s Coffee and other specialty coffee companies incentivize price wars. Furthermore, coffee’s demand is elastic which makes it difficult to increase prices without greatly reducing the demand. This makes differentiation and positioning very important. Also, it is easy for customers to switch from coffee vendors. Whichever company is most convenient for the customer will likely win the business. Competition is a top priority in the industry.
2- Entry (Moderate force)
Entrants erode the market and rarely grow it enough to the incumbent’s advantage. New entrants have an impact on the industry business but at a moderate level. This is mainly because new firms will find it difficult to compete against the incumbents’ strong brand, like Starbucks and McDonalds, and because the market is saturated. However, the costs of entry are relatively low. Most of the raw materials are cheap and the distribution chain is not complicated. This makes it easy for new companies to enter the market. Also, established companies might leverage their brands as they enter the industry to compete against the incumbents.
3- Substitute and complementary products (Strong force)

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