What Is The Prediction Of 2018 Gubernatorial And Senate Race?

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Ohio, as we have learned, is a unique microcosm of the United States. Lucas, Meigs, and Summit County are all unique in their own microcosms. This project will endeavor to break down each of the counties individually and compare how they either represent the state or solely their own area. It will address the industry, socioeconomic, and political climates with the goal of giving an informed prediction of 2018 Gubernatorial and Senator Races. Ohio has an interesting election season for the 2018 cycle. The candidates for the Gubernatorial Race on the Republican side are well known, well connected and currently all serving in either the State or Federal Level. The Democratic candidates include a former US Representative, a former state …show more content…

Summit County was one of the eight counties that voted for Secretary Clinton in the 2016 election. This strong democratic community while having some areas outside the urban area may be more Republican leaning does not generally sway from their Democratic roots. Unlike many of our tire and steel industry based counties, Summit has gone through major transition but has managed to stay afloat better than many of its sister counties. The difference in Summit County is that the leading employers such as our health systems, multiple higher education facilities, and banking has kept Akron afloat when other counties have declined at an alarming rate. The chart above compares the over all socio-economic data for all three counties in addition to the entire state of Ohio and the US according to recent census data. The comparison by county shows diversity among the counties and a correlation of an increase in the number of employees, median household, and median property value. Lucas and Summit County are similar in all areas with the difference of the adaptation to the different industry when the steel/auto industry crashed in the 1970s. Summit County’s residence and ability to increase even at the smallest fraction shows how the service industry and healthcare have been able to provide a living to many of the dislocated employees in the region. When comparing the counties we must also consider educational levels, racial diversity, and previous political climates. I

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