What Is The Purpose Or Goal Of Your Video?

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What is the purpose or goal of your video? The purpose of our public service announcement was to show how a disaster preparedness plan can make a difference to the characters of the Carter House during a hurricane. Public service announcements are messages sent out to the public meant to persuade and bring attention to an idea or topic. In our case, our public service announcement video was meant to be a cute commercial that would be sent out to the public. The video contains key facts on what do if a hurricane was to threaten your home and what you should bring when you evacuate. The purpose of our public service announcement was to persuade people that they should come up with an evacuation plan in the event of a hurricane. A plan …show more content…

Explain the video’s title. The video title is “Be Prepared For The Unexpected” which expresses the main importance of the PSA video itself, which is to prove that having an organized evacuation plan for when a disaster strikes can make a difference and ultimately save lives. When a hurricane strikes “ No electricity for at least a week, city water and sewer systems not functioning, No local land-line or cell phone service, unavailability of fuel, and no reliable outside/federal help in first week”(Powerpoint) so it 's important to prepare for the worst. Being prepared is key when a natural disaster can happen at any time. Not being prepared already creates a barrier when trying to deal with surviving something as traumatic as a state-wide emergency. Keeping extra supplies and tools may sound absurd to someone who has not been in a hurricane emergency before, but being prepared can give you extra time and ultimately can save a one’s life. The unexpected part of the title refers to the fact that a disaster can strike at any time. One never knows the exact time or place where one might end up in a catastrophe and what they might need to survive. Another reason why it is extremely important to always be prepared for anything and everything. Give

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