What Is The Reflection OfPeople On The Move?

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Throughout the course of “People on the Move,” professor Duquette has done a tremendous effort in guiding the class through the various stages of the immigration process. Starting with the theories that try to explain why people migrate, what the process of immigration is like, and how do immigrants assimilate once they arrived. What kind of social capital do immigrants acquire and transform back to their countries of birth. To end this course, I conducted an interview with my father to understand what immigration was like for him. My father’s name is Mohamed and he was born and raised in Yemen. He went to school and after completing high school he was unable to find a job that offered him economic mobility, therefore, he made the decision to emigrated to the United States 25 years ago.
25 years ago, Yemen was just out of the 1990s war that united North Yemen with the South. Consequently, finding a job was extremely hard at the time, Yemen just had a war and jobs were scares. My father’s decision to emigrate was because of the lack of the labor market in Yemen. The war in the 1990s have left Yemen impoverished and jobs were very limited. This phenomenon is explained by the Neo-classical economic theory which states that “Individuals and families emigrate in response to changing circumstances set in motion by political and economic transformations of their societies.” (massy e. Douglas) My father’s decision to migrate was caused by the war in Yemen; the war left Yemen

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