What Is The Relationship Between Marius And Cosette's Struggles During The French Revolution

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Analysis Les Miserables is a story that shares many characters’ life struggles during the French Revolution. It highlights the hardships and struggles that many faced in time of struggle and change. Two characters that were highlighted included the relationship between Marius and Cosette. Marius came from a family of wealth but chose to be a part of the revolution so left his grandfather’s protection and was forced to live a ragged life. Cosette was a girl born to a single mother with no means to support her so was forced to live in a family who showed her no kindness or love. When her mother was on her deathbed, she found the help of Javier who promised to take care of her. Taking her in was a great opportunity for Cosette to be raised…show more content…
Instead of doing what normal men in love would do, he refuses to run away with Cosette. Marius had multiple options he could have done instead of just let Cosette leave. He could have talked to Valjean and see if he would consider letting him come with them on their journey. Not wanting to speak with Valjean shines more light on the fact Marius was a coward. He would have the potential to work for a year and save enough money to travel to England to be with Cosette. Cosette even stated “If we go away, do you go too! I will tell you where! Come and join me wherever I am.” (BOOK PAGE) Although Marius goes on to state he does not have enough money for such travel, a little time and they could be together again. They could have sent letters or written each other to try to stay in contact with one another. Anything but selfishly risk his life at the barricade and not follow after Cosette. By being willing to die because Marius cannot be with Cosette is very cowardly He is unwilling to fight for the women he loves, making the reader recognize his timid and weak. One site states Marius’s actions by saying “Marius became upset, and decided to go to the barricade to die.” (“Characters”) This reinforces the fact Marius did not chase after Cosette for the chance of love, but chose to back-down and possibly
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