What Is The Roles Of Annabhau Sathe And Ambedkarism?

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3.2 Annabhau Sathe and Ambedkarism
Writer Bhandare (2015) noted that in the initial phase of Sathe's life, he got associating with the comrade Salvi and comrade More and therefore he influenced and impressed by communist ideology but he had also the influence of Phule – Ambedkar thoughts. He had studded books of Phule, Ambedkar, Kabir, Gorki etc. After 1955, he knew that the Marxism is not suitable of India because there is not only class but also caste. He noticed that the Marxism is insufficient to the development of Dalits and underprivileged so he accepted Ambedkarism. Therefore although the writing of Sathe was talking about class struggle, later taking against caste system and Dalit injustice and Smashyanatil Son, Thadgyatil Had, Nilu Mang, Savla Mang, Sapla, Valan etc books are examples.

There were many incidents indicated that the Ambedkarism in Sathe. Very popular and historical novel of Sathe, name Fakira. He confers to writings of Ambedkar. On 5 March 1958, he was the …show more content…

At the end, he expressed the vision of Dr.Ambedkar of the new society and accomplishes this vision through the unity of downtrodden. All these concepts are part of Ambedkarism.

4 Matang - Mahar Relationship and Conflicts
Matang, Mahar, Chambhar are major Dalit communities in Maharashtra. There is very less harmony found among Dalit communities. Non- Dalit communities hated the Dalit communities and Dalits communities' hatred each other due to their caste consciousness. " The superiority and inferiority complex in relation to each other among Dalit castes in Maharashtra prohibited them from coming together "(Dhaware, 2013). The Mang - Mahar relationship take the significant role to understand the attitude of Matang community toward Dr. Ambedkar.

4.1 Mahar

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