What Is The Similarities Between Arrival And Space Odyssey

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astronauts and disciples have nothing in common. However, it is noticeable that each group contains a betrayer. This supports the religious analogy.
Even more religious symbols can be found. The black hole is surrounded by bright yellow light. This light orbits the black hole along two different axes which gives it the appearance of two halos. This gives the black hole a celestial connotation. Dr. Romilly explains that human beings cannot understand the singularity of a black hole because it lies beyond the horizon, a place humans cannot reach. In some religions celestial beings, like gods, dwell in heaven, a place normal humans cannot enter.
Later Cooper enters the black hole and is transported to the Tesseract, a fifth dimensional space appearing to him as a three dimensional one. Cooper assumes that it was created by a higher advanced alien race. The Tesseract looks …show more content…

Kubrick’s and Villeneuve’s strength is the framing. In Space Odyssey an enormous number of scenes that show central perspective can be seen. A very strong scene is the one in which David and Frank are inside the space pod and talking about HAL. This shot indicates a vanishing point in the center of the frame. Kubrick enhances the depth by dividing the frame in a foreground and background; David and Frank are in the foreground whereas HAL is in the background (cf. Kargl 134). Kubrick often uses the central perspective to create additional depth. Although the persons and objects that are filmed by a camera are three-dimensional the screen on which the film is shown is a flat surface. Therefore, Kubrick uses certain perspectives to enhance the three-dimensional effect. Villeneuve on the other hand uses the perspective to guide the audience. A lot of Arrival’s scenes show guiding lines that lead to a vanishing point. Sometimes the camera pans to that vanishing point. Sometimes he guides the audience towards the object of

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