What Is The Story Of A Short Story

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Bruno came home from a long day of school to find the maid , Maria, packing his things in four large crates. He was confused about what was happening until his mother told him that they were moving because his father got a promotion. Bruno was not happy about moving away from Berlin as he had so much he would be leaving behind. He wouldn’t be able to play with his friends anymore or be able to slide down the banister in his five-story home. No more looking out the window where he could see almost all of Berlin and no more buying apples at the small fruit stand in the heart of the city. All of this seemed crazy to Bruno and no matter how much whining he did he still couldn’t convince his father to stay in Berlin. Time and time again he was told that the Fury wanted father to move for his job, but Bruno didn’t even know what his father's job was! Bruno, Gretel (his sister), Mother, Father and all of their maids/butlers arrived at the house called “Out-With”. He was extremely unpleased with the house he would be living in. It only had three floors and it was isolated. While Mother was unpacking dishes, Bruno tried to convince her to move back to Berlin but she got angry and told him that they will be staying there for a foreseeable-future and told him to go up to his room and unpack his things. While Bruno was unpacking, he spotted a blonde teenage soldier, Lieutenant Kotler, and had an immediate disliking for him. Bruno looked out his bedroom window to

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