Making Friends with the Jews in The Boy with the Red Pajamas Essay

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Characters in The Boy In The Striped Pajamas


I liked that Shmuel was a happy kid when he met Bruno and he didn't let the fact that he was a Jew bothered him. Even when Bruno said he wasn't his friend, Shmuel had still forgiven him. I feel bad for Shmuel because a young sweet kid like him shouldn't be in the position he is presently in.


I disliked how Elsa was just fine with the fact that her kids lived next to a concentration camp. I also disliked the fact that she did not put her foot down and act like a good parent. Elsa is a bad parent for the simple fact that she had allowed these things to happen.


I disapproved of Ralf because he was also involved in the participation of killing the Jews. I disliked …show more content…

Also when it came down to his children he really didn't worry to much about them until he seened that they were moving out with their mother.


Pavel had changed because when he was put into this house he didn't talk with anyone. Once Bruno had fell off his swing Pavel helped him out and had started talking with him.


Bruno had changed because he was a good kid until the day he met Shmuel he had became a different person he had started to lie and sneak with food to the camp.


1) " Sitting around miserable all day will not make you happier." Ex: I liked this quote because it's true, why sit around sad and not do anything about it.
2) " Bruno: was not suppose to be friends, you and me. We were meant to be enemies. Did you know that?" Ex: It reminds me when blacks and whites could not get along or be friends, but some did.
3) " Dont make it worse by thinking it's more painful then it actually is." Ex: I like this quote because it means don't make something small into something really big.
4) " Their lost voices must continue to be heard." Ex: This means to me that even though they are dead they still has to be known for what they were doing.
5) " You're my best friend, Shmuel, he said my best friend for life." Ex: This means that they are going to continue to be friends forever.
6) " It's the country side. Perhaps this is our holiday home."

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