What Is The Subject Of Sakhmet's Statue

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The subject of The Statue of the goddess Sakhmet is a goddess from the 18th dynasty, was a part of the Kom El Heitan map to serve as the king’s eternal ritual calendar. It was part of a religious ritual, made by Amenhotep’s massive statue program. They believed that the Sakhmet was made to be a “litany in stone,” to calm down the goddess and not make her use her negative powers on them. The statue can be traced back to two locations; either at the mortuary complex of the king at Kom el Heitan on the Theban west bank, and the Mut Temple Complex at Karnak on the east bank at Thebes. It is most possible that this was found at the latter side. Many of the statues of Sakhmet had second stage of life after they original deployment. The goddess
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