What Is The Theme Of 500 Days Of Summer

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500 Days of Summer- Movie ESSAY

In the film “500 Days of Summer” directed by Marc Webb, we were presented a scene where the protagonists of the film, Tom and Summer, are seen playing around inside an IKEA store. Webb uses this scene to give the audience an insight as to what the relationship is between Tom and Summer by using film techniques such as body language, lighting and dialogue which portrays the themes of expectations vs reality and idealisation of relationships/ love.

Webb uses body language to show intimacy. The intimacy between both characters is shown when Tom and Summer are holding hands, almost lovingly, as they race towards the bedroom section of the store. This common action is often naturally done by couples to show they find comfort in each other’s presence. Webb also establishes Tom’s facial expression with close up shots as he stares at Summer (while they both lie on the bed facing towards each other) with an almost love struck expression, signifying as if being with Summer is all he’s ever wanted. Thus portraying how mentally and emotionally enchanted he is with her. These facial expressions reinforce the supposed intimacy in their relationship but later on leave the viewers confused when Summer denies she is looking for anything serious and Tom
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The high-key lighting which is shown through majority of the scene (as it is the natural lighting of the store), creates a happy/light hearted tone, similar to the mood of Tom and Summer. This demonstrates idealisation of love and normalises the myth in which people who are in relationships are always happy and without complications in their life. High-key lighting is also presented as both protagonists are in the kitchen section of the IKEA store, presenting a homely feeling as if the kitchen is their own. This portrays the Expectations vs Realities of a relationship and suggests of a future where Tom and Summer are
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