What Is The Theme Of Alf The Unseen

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“Alif the Unseen”, by G. Willow Wilson, and “The Night Circus”, by Erin Morgenstern, are both fantasy novels. “Alif the Unseen” takes place in an unnamed security state in the Middle East. The story is about a young Arab-Indian hacker, called Alif, who hacks and protects whoever pays him whether they are a communist, anarchist, or Islamist. The upper-class woman that Alif loves leaves him for a prince chosen by her parents. Just as this happens, his computer gets taken down by the state’s electronic security putting, both, him and his clients in danger. Later on, it turns out that his ex-lover’s fiancé is the “Hand of God”, also known as the head of the security state, whose men come after Alif, chasing him to the undergrounds. When Alif …show more content…

It must be terribly annoying to keep it up constantly.’ Marco frowns, but then, very slowly, his face begins to change. The goatee fades and disappears. The chiseled features become softer and younger. His striking green eyes fade to a green-tinged grey. The false face had been handsome, yes, but consciously so.” (pg. 276) Halfway through the book, this quote reveals that Marco’s attractive and handsome features that he keeps up are actually fake. He has tricked many people, including Celia. Throughout the book, there are many examples of people who are not who they are, what they seem, or how they appear at first glance portraying the moral of things are not what they seem to always be. The two books, “Alfi the Unseen” and “The Night Circus”, despite the fact that they approach it through various literary techniques, represent the moral theme of things are not what they appear to be. In “Alif the Unseen” we learn this by the “theme’ of the seen and the “unseen”, for example, how the jinn views things differently and how the people view things differently in the book of Alf Yeom. And in “The Night Circus” we learn this by the many examples given to us throughout the book like how there are many people who are not who they say they are, what they appear to be, or how they appear initially, illustrating the moral of things are not what they seem to be. Every last one of us has an alternate perspective on the world and so our views will not be neutral so we should learn not to see things as they seem to be, but instead, as they truly may

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