The Movie Holes '

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The Movie Holes is about a boy named Stantley Yelnats, he had bad luck since they had placed a 130 years of bad luck curse on his great great-grandfather, Stantley was sent to a juvenile detention camp to dig holes for a crime he did not commit he and the other juvenile were forced to dig large holes every day. They are a lot of conclusions that can be made. A big house could conclude you are a wealthy person but also depends how the is house decorated as it can make others feel more comfortable or afraid. A smaller house could be said they owner are as wealthy as the one with the bigger but that is not always true. Some people just have different taste in size of homes or know what size best suites their lifestyle. People are also said to …show more content…

Everyone on the movie got used to the bad smell and that scent reminded me of an old job I had washing 18 wheelers and I would get soaked with dirty water and sweat and I would smell so bad. That’s the memories I got from the movie. The smell on my clothing wouldn’t get remove it was permanent.
Time was not really an issue in the movie they just digging holes and had a water break occasionally but it was not something they are rushing or have you waiting. Although, one part of the movie the main character had found something while digging and took it to the lady that was in charge and it had him waiting since she was busy on the phone. Touching someone should not make someone feel uncomfortable if they feel that way is because you are touching places they do not like being touch on. For example, people should not touch someone inappropriately if they wouldn’t like to be touched in that way. It looks more normal for a girl to touch a guy rather than a guy touching a girl. The main character did not really have many faces he really stayed the same until he founded a treasure buried on one of holes he was digging and it was his great great-grandfathers his face was then changed to smiling and not just having a straight

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